About Me

Facts and Figures you need to know about me:
  1. Real Name: Mario Saniel Verdan Jr.
  2. 100% Pinoy with an Italian Name (lol)
  3. Mayong: a nickname given by my parents (grrrr)
  4. Odong: to my elder bro and sisters, including close relatives (meaning youngest male member of the family, of course it's not applicable now with the spring of new generations)
  5. Tito Mar/ Uncle Mar to all my nephews and nieces
  6. Mark at Coffe Shop
  7. 'ito Mar to my second family ( my spiritual family at Montalban Rizal)
  8. Mario at the workplace
  9. Bryan: my other name at the workplace
  10. Mar to my close friends
  11. and last but not the least.... JL to all my supporters and fans (joke)
  12. I love to write: although grammatically imperfect
  13. I love photography: despite the fact that i don't own a DSLR I'm a proud owner of Nikon D90
  14. I'm an Architectural Technician but works as an Architect (yabang, wala kasi choice hehe)
  15. I'm a Born Again Christian, and my faith as a believer of Christ reflected mostly on my writings
  16. I love coffee - brewed and Ice blended
  17. I'm a backpacker (an inspiration to my backpack series)
  18. I value family ties
  19. I walk, I run, I ride
  20. Afraid of heights but I do Zipline and Roller Coaster Ride
  21. Hate to fly (plane) because my ear hurts a lot during landing
  22. My BP is too high (risky isn't it?)
  23. A frustrated singer
  24. I played few chords on a guitar
  25. And I claimed myself as a Certified Blogger! (Violent reactions are prohibited)
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