Friday, February 8, 2019

The Struggle of the Sea Turtle... a doodle story.

Burden ... the sea turtle doodle. 

The struggle of the Sea Turtle in Oman... 

That burden behind his back while trying to swim in a sea of obstacles and challenges...

A prisoner of unfair rules and judgement of his environment... 

Will he survive and escape the "Red" sea and be able to enjoy the open waters of great opportunities? 

To be continued...



  1. Hindi ko alam how to feel about this tiny, long creatures coming out of the turtle's back... either to be scared or mandidiri because they look like bulate to me! Haha.

    I think this is a year of big changes for some people I know including myself and it isn't an easy one nor a fair one to begin with. Pero push pa rin para sa mga pangarap at pamilya.

    Sea Turtle, just keep swimming sabi ni Dory. Hahaha

  2. Hahaha bulate nga yan, sea worm parasites haha

    Hirap kumita ng pera, pero tama ka, push lang para sa ekonomiya haha

  3. ay seryoso nga hahaha nagbblog na ulit ahahaha


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