Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Find A Way or Fade Away?

Credit goes to the owner of this image.

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Find a way or Fade Away?

This came from a tweet of Inong of Find a way or fade away? Ano nga ba? Isang simpleng tanong pero hinatak ang aking curiosidad at kamalayan sa mas malalim na pag-iisip. Hindi ba madalas na nalalagay tayo sa mga alanganing sitwasyon ng ating buhay at hindi natin alam ang ating gagawin?

Yong iba, pilit na hahanapan ng solusyon, sila yong mga team "Find A Way". Matatapang na mandirigma na gagawin lahat mapagtagumpayan lamang ang labang kinakaharap.

Yong iba naman, bumigay na at hinayaang lamunin sila ng karimlan... sila yong mga kasapi ng team "Fade Away". They are always considered as the weakest link. Pero ano nga ba? Fading away ba ay isang marka ng kahinaan?  

At first, my vote goes to Finding a way. Sabi ko nga sa tweet ko kay Inong... Fade away has a negative connotation. Yong parang sumuko ka na at pinaubaya mo na lang sa kapalaran kung anong mangyayari. You didn't even bother to give it a try. O kaya ay bigyan mo man lang sana ng tinatawag na "Good Fight" ang mahirap na sitwasyon. Mas pinili mo na lang na maglaho into thin air para makaiwas o iwasan ang labang kinakaharap.

Pero habang tumatagal, napagtanto ko na "Fading away" is not bad at all. In fact, balak ko syang i-apply in some cases of my daily routine. The other side of "Fades Away" gives you more time to regain something that was lost during the fight. At may mga bagay na sadyang lumilipas o kumukupas kasabay ng pagdaloy ng panahon. At wala tayong magagawa para pigilan ito. Yong masaksihan mo ang isang bagay na nag-fe - fade away? Malungkot, masakit, pero pag nagawa mo... mas matapang ka pa sa mga lupon ng team "Find A Way". It takes courage to accept the fact that something good is temporal. They will fade away sooner or later... right in front of our very eyes. Tanggapin ang katotohanan... harapin ang bukas... lasapin ang sakit at pait ng pagkawala... pero tandaan, ang sakit at pait ay hindi rin pang matagalan.

The good news? Pain is included in our list of things that fades a way. Lilipas din yan at ang sugat ay maghihilom... (Aray Naku!)

The list of 100 items of the things that fades away na nasa taas ay nabuo in collaboration with Pao Kun of TIABP and Arvin of Dahil silang dalawa ay mapagpatol sa tweet ko about 5 random things that fades away. Ang nangyare? Dugtungan portion hanggang umabot sa isandaan ang list!

At ito ang limang paborito ko out of 100 sa listahan ng mga bagay bagay that Fades Away.

1. Smile - I'm wearing the smile you gave me... Bagay ba?

2. Perfume - Recently watched the movie with the same title. It is about preserving a smell of a woman (preventing it from fading away). Panoorin nyo!

3. Fart - Farting used in a musical... Read this from Cabinet of Curiosities - a book of trivia

4. Pencil - Dahil gusto ko ang components ng isang lapis. Lead, wood and rubber/eraser. Three very different character in one masterpiece. Nabasa ko sa FB "If you are not my Pencil to write my Happiness, at least be my eraser to remove my sadness." Sakto sa Pencil! No more no less!

5. Fireworks - Isa sa mga paborito kong kodakan... mahirap kasi. Amazing fireworks display is a good example of things that fades away. Pagkatapos mo ma amaze, it will be gone forever, leaving you in the verge of longing for more!

Now, it's time for me to cast my final vote... Find a way or Fade away?

Hmmmm.... Fire Away!!!!!!

By Super M


  1. Both! It depends kung anong bagay of course.
    But you have a point. Made me ponder:)

    1. Yes, it depends nga naman kung anong pinaglalaban at sitwasyon.

  2. hmmnnn... I go for Find a way!

    Paano mo masisikmurang mawala ang isang bagay o isang tao nang hindi mo ipinaglalaban?

    Unless it is a decision to make some fade away to make things better...

    Maganda ang mapanghamong post na ito...

  3. Team Fire Away!

    Shoot you down, but you won't fall. Fire away! Fire away! You're bullet proof, nothing to lose. Fire away! Fire away! You are titanium.

    I can relate to both.

    Actually, mas nakakapenetrate ang kaisipang "fade away" satin kapag ginawa na natin halos lahat sa panig ng "find away" pero wala pa rin. Hanggat kaya wag susuko. Siguro don tayo dapat mag fade away kung wala na talaga.

    At ang alam ko, mas masaya mag fade away kung may kasabay.

    1. Fireproof? hahaha

      Pwede na mag fade away pag nagawa mo na lahat to find a way. Pwede rin naman na Find a way to make a way! pero kung wala na, sige na nga, fade away na hahaha

      At mas masaya mag fade away mag-isa! Namdamay pa to! hahaha

  4. I've been a Find a Way person for so long that I always end up in deep sh*t. It's been my philosophy that losers usually opt to go with the flow, the greatest achievements in life is done through great feats and passion, that one must always find a way to push through. In all my plans and endeavours in life I have always fell short of the my own and others' expectations.

    And then I see those who succumb and surrender to the flow of life and chances and they've reached their destination. All this time that I was running against the flow, they were having fun diving into the pool.

    I wish I hadn't been so proactive of shaping my life. I wish I had believed that it's better left than done. But I simply can't accept of the fact of just fading away. It's not really my thing.

    Alas, i read the most illuminating phrase I've ever heard, it's one from the royalties of rock and roll, Kurt Cobain. "It's better to burn out than fade away". He's actually quoting it from Neil Young's song "Hey, Hey, My My (Into the Black)".

    I'd rather burn out doing something that I'm passionate about than just watch things around me fall down. And i have admired so many artists burn out because of their passion, love and loss. And like Cobain, I'm in search of oblivion.

    Rambling mode na naman ako. So yun pala yung mga nababasa kong tweet ninyo. Hindi ko noon maintindihan and I was thinking ano kayang racket meron itong mga ito sa twitter? hahaha!

    And yes, pain will fade away, but one's attitude will determine when it will be gone. Kasi nga it could last up to a lifetime, or even at the moment you're about to die. And so is love. and that's the most painful of all.

    Ako sa team Burn Out ako. Because na-burn out na rin ako.

    1. Go Team Find a way! Ang ganda ng puntos mo ser!

      Mahanap nga yang most illuminating phrase na yan ni Kurt Cobain.

      Pasensya na ser dahil nagulo ang timeline mo sa twitter dahil sa amin hahaha

  5. Team Fired Away....!

    Ayun naglista ka rin. Ibablog ko rin 'to dapat. haha... hmmm. post din ako ng top 5 ko. lol na pala si pao? tama ba?

    COngrats satin ni Pao. haha. Umaga, tanghali, gabi iniisip ko tong fade away natin para lang may maisagot.

    Basta ang dami palang bagay na nag fefade away. kulang payang 100.

    1. Oo, naglista ako, kasi hinahanap ko baka yong sagot ko eh meron na, kaya naglista ako hahaha

      Yup! di na ma-reach si Pao Kun, pa dot net dot net na lang! Susyalen!

      Sige, post ka na rin! Wag lang 5, damihan mo hahaha!

  6. I am definitely a "Find A Way" - in fact I have been almost all my life.

    Sabi mo nga "Matatapang na mandirigma" - so ako yata I can call myself na AMAZONA.

    Imagine you are just starting grade school you found out your mom is gravely ill. Your childhood memories are hospital adventures and the family finances was continuously being drained just to keep your mom alive. And when it's finally drained you still lost her? at the age that you need her most!

    Naah... The grim reaper tried to fetch me and tried to give my two young kids the same experience. I said NO! I'm not yet done. I still have lots of battle to fight that I will bravely face as long as my loving family is at my side. I won! "It" gave up on me (for now) and let me go along fighting and "finding ways". Ha ha ha

    Hayan ramblings! Nag "2nd demonyo" este! "2nd the motion" ako sa ramblings ni Tripster LOL.

    Eto kasing si Super M nagsulat ng super malaman na post eh na-keri tuloy kami. Kahiya naman kung weather weather lang ang comment dito eh ang ganda ng post may twitter brain storming pa eto bago natapos hi hi hi :P

    Let's all find a way! Laban pa!

    1. Good Morning Ms Amazona!

      Hanga naman ako sa tatag at tibay mo... Saludo ako on how you manage to keep on fighting and finding ways!

      Hahaha 2nd de-motion talaga! Pahabaan kayo ng comments ni Mr Tripster ah! Competitive!

      Oo, thanks to Pao Kun and sa hindi mo paboritong si Arvin hahaha!


  7. farting sa musical show? wow ahh kaderder haha
    anyway hmm both ee may magandang point but if were talking in general circumstances
    i think i'll be choosing to find a way even though mahina un loob ko haha

    1. what's kaderder MeCoy? hahaha

      hmmm, Team find a way ka rin ah! Lakasan lang ng loob yan!

  8. Ilang araw ko ring pinag isipan yung tweets niyong tatlo, ito pala yun. Now I know!

    Hmmm find a way gal here! :) Hangga't kaya, hangga't merong paraan, go lang! Pero di naman ibig sabihin nun na hindi ako marunong tumanggap na hindi pwedeng mawala o hindi mapa sa iyo ang isang bagay. Yun nga lang, bago ako sumuko, lumalaban muna. :)

    hello, hello :)

    1. Oo, maraming nagtatanong kung ano yon hahaha

      Another team Find A way! Tama yan, Give them a good fight!

      Hello hello din! :)

  9. Aha, so this is the reason kung baket napupuno ng kung anik anik ang timeline ko sa twitter mula sa inyo lately hahaha!

    Anyways, hindi rin naman masama to Find a Way sa mga problemang dumarating or kinakaharap mo sa buhay. Di ba nga, mas masaya pa rin na habang maaga ay nasosolusyunan mo na agad ito. Kung hindi mo man mahanapan ng solusyon ngayon, palagi naman merong bukas diba?

    Pero at some point, hindi rin naman masama na mag Fade Away ka paminsan minsan, if you feel na talagang wala nang mahanap na solusyon o kasagutan sa mga trials/challenges na kinakaharap mo sa buhay. Tandaan, hindi kaduwagan ang pagsuko. It only means na tayo ay tao lamang at minsan nagiging mahina rin sa mga pagsubok.

    Basta laban lang ng laban lagi sa hamon ng buhay. Kung madapa, bangon agad. at syempre, laging manalig sa itaas.

    Kaya yan!

    1. Yes! This is the reason! hahaha sorry naman, nabulabog ang nananahimik mong timeline! Paminsan minsan na lang lumalabas si Lala hahah

      So saang team ka? Both I guess.

      Agree! Mas matibay tayo sa laban pag may kasamang pananalig sa nasa ITaas!

    2. Hahahaha, naku si Lala super busy sa taping ng telePornserye nya XD

      Yep, neutral ako eh... kaya both! ako ang taga balanse ng lahat :D

      *sabay ngiting pusa*

    3. Wow! meron palang ganyan? telePornserye? hahaha

  10. Napaisip ako kung saan ba akong team, fade away or find a way. So in all circumstances iba iba ang approach, puwedeng one of them or vice versa. Fade away for me means to be quiet for a while, to move away for a certain point, to be an observer rather than a participant. If everything can be settled or solved then good. I think that love fades away as well as generosity and trust. I am speaking on a personal level. And when these things fade away, they can be replaced by the opposites. Very nice post, worth for more reflections.

    1. Very well said ser! Tama ka don, when things fade away, it leaves a vacant space... ang nakakatakot lang, it can be replaced by negative things or emotions.


  11. mas gusto ko na ang find away... di ako masyado "fans" ng fade eh... ayaw ko ng mga nagfa-fade. malungkot ang may mga fade fade na ganyan.

    di ba pag nakita mo ang mga bills mo you should fade them? yung mga utang you should fade them too. tapos kapag importante ang mga sinasabi ng kausap mo you should fade attention...

    Ay fade ba? yung kumupas? sorry wrong spelling ako... akala ko PAID.. chars.. lolz

    1. paaakkk! adik ka talaga Rix ahahaha!

      Fade - Paid!

      katol paaa!!! XD

    2. Fiel - ngayon mo lang nabalitaan? tagal na chars ahahahahaha.

      Kuya Mar - pasensya naman may F-P depishensi ako.. XD

  12. WAT DA F? Fade Away na lang.. tas return with a vengeance. Oh at least nag Find away ka after ka nag lie low.

    1. Fade away tapos mag re -return of the comeback ka and find a way to take revenge! Napaka violente mo talaga panget! hahaha

  13. fade away pa rin! hahahha :D nonsense comment

  14. buti na lang ang fart nag fa-fade away! pero di pwedeng pag sabayin ang fart at fire away, baka sumabog! haha

    a basta, find a way at fire away lagi! go! hehe :)

    1. Flamable na utot! Hahaha

      Go Zai! Fire Away! Hahaha

  15. I was thinking of finding a way ....but actually fading away sa isang blogging community... for three months now kasi parang roller coaster ride of highs and lows.. High dahil sa mga friends na nakapagpapasaya.. Low dahil sa di magandang treatment ng Admin sa ngayon sa maraming pinoy bloggers ...Siguro may time talaga na dapat nang umalis na lang (at hindi naman siguro kaduwagan iyon ... Anyway pwede namang magfocus muna sa personal blog, family, work at iba pang blogs (outside that site)

    1. ah ganon ba... well tama naman, hindi kaduwagan yon. And I agree, focus muna sa personal blog at iba pang bagay na mas mahalaga

  16. Its up to u hahaha!!! Ang rude ko noh haha. Depende yan e pag gusto mo find a way pero kung ayaw mo fade away eh kung wala n mapipilian fly away k na hahaha

  17. sa mahabang panahon, find a way ang drama ko pero lately, fade away na ata. hays, kelangan kumilos-kilos na, baka mag-fade away na lahat ng di ko namamalayan. at buti na lang nabasa ko 'tong find a way, fade away na drama mo, medyo nagising ata ako. ;)

  18. Ako feelin ko find a way team ako pero fade away ako sa lahat ng problems ko. Amg hirap kasing panindigan kung mejo mahirap ang desisyun

  19. Maraming pwedeng sample pero dun ako sa love kasi yun lang ang naiisip ko ngayon. Madalas we say, we should fight for something or someone that we love. Na kung sa huli, kung hindi nag work at least nasabi mo sa sarili mo, you tried. In my most recent relationship, ang una kong ginawa Find a Way. Subtle ang approach, ibig sabihin hindi pang telenobela na hinawi ang langit at lupa to get the man I loved. Still, I applied the concept of "find a way." Ika nga, I didn't just give up.

    Did it work? Hindi rin. Hanggang sa na-realize ko na I have to let it "fade away" na. Dun ko na-realize na kung sa una pa lang nag Fade Away na ko I could have saved myself from lots of pain. Ang kinaganda lang ng Find a Way approach, wala na kong "what ifs". I did what I could, hindi lang talaga sa lahat ng pagkakataon, things work out the way you want it to.

    Conclusion, pareho nating kailangan ang "find a way" and "fade away." Depende sa sitwasyon. May mga bagay na pwede na lang nating i-let go, meron namang pwede pa nating subukan at hanapan ng solusyon. Walang surefire way to hit the mark, kung minsan kahit ginawa mo naman na lahat, it doesn't mean na uubra na. Ibig sabihin hindi porket hinayaan mong mag fade away ang isang bagay, sayang na ito.

    At ang dami ko nang sinabi ano ba yan hahaha... Anyway, nice post, napaisip ako hehehe...

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