Tuesday, June 19, 2012

MOA's De-Light!

I received an invitation from Kuya John Aguire... a close friend of mine, my churchmate, a fellow Christian and a photo enthusiast as well, to a photowalk. Saan naman? Balak sana namin to go outside the metro pero we settled na dito muna sa Manila subukan. This is my first time!

First stop sa MOA... I'm hesitant at first... ano bang makikita sa MOA? I've seen a lot of photos ng MOA's eye sa mga photo bloggers. Other than that, I can't think of any thing special about the place, yes during the night eh talaga namang alive na alive itong seaside part ng MOA. Anyhow, we decided to go...

Call time: 5am! Yey! So early... ano ba meron sa MOA ng ganon kaaga?
Weather: Cloudy at may pabugso-bugsong patak ng ulan (not a good time to shoot?)
Enthusiam Rate: 5 in a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest (not in the mood?)
Hours of Sleep: 1 hour (at home from work around 3am, set my alarm to 4am, arrived at 711 Boni at exactly 4.50am... puyat?

When we get there, halos maliwanag na ang paligid at umaambon na... great! Pero sige lang, as we walk along the seaside part of MOA, together with the early joggers, sumalubong sa amin ang maitim na ulap sa horizon na parang may bagyong parating... We waited na medyo tumila ang ulan before we started shooting...  

And the moment the rain stopped, the shutters of our camera do the talking...

Ang ulan ay tumila na rin... at sumilay ang haring araw sa kalangitan...

My version of MOA's eye...

The winning pose of Kuya John... like a pro!

Ang maitim na ulap na  unti-unting itinataboy ng hangin palayo... hindi sa lahat ng oras ay tag-ulan!

The skyline after the rain...

The Dock...

Building right side of the MOA when you're facing the mall's facade...

The morning ritual...

Lessons learned:
1.  There's no such thing as bad weather if you want to capture the moment... ang kailangan lang eh weather proof ang gadget mo. I saw one amazing photo of a flower taken while its raining... it's so Amazingly captured in a unique way! Seldom someone do that (not to my knowledge)... Take a risk... Go out of the comfort zone... what if wala ka nang mga hinahanap mo, like natural lighting, tripod, shades, etc? What would you do? Stop? No, improvise and be creative... I'm a no expert on this... and this is just what I observed... and from now on, I will take courage to try something new and be brave enough to take a different angle and BREAK SOME RULES!!! HAPPY SHOOTING EVERYONE!

'till my next stop....


  1. ayos ah! naenjoy mo ang moa :D

  2. ayos.. sobrang enjoy ha... btw hdr ang pagPP mo?
    tama... walang bad bad weather sa photography.. isa lang naman ang goal diyan eh to capture the subject or the moment... minsan anu rin....

  3. i love the MOA's eye..really like it

  4. wala tlgang papatusin! yep that's photography! :))

  5. my favorite "running path" is the esplanade stretch (bay side). On my non-busy days I jog there mga 3 times a week, minsan ka lang pumunta di pa kita napatid man lang dyan :(

    I've a lot of blog posts inspired by my MOA escapades. sa susunod na pasyal mo dyan baka mapatid na kita :)

    you may want to see how that bay looks like "the morning after typhoon Pedring". I'll drop the link sa cbox mo :)

    1. Sabi ko na nga ba, ikaw yong nakita ko don eh hehehe

      Sige, I'll check that out.


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