Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Dichotomy of Life...

This is an old humor story about life (emphasis on "humor"). Maybe you already knows the story but I want to share it anyway. Though I don't really agrees on the topic being presented here about life (especially about life after death), it may serves as a good entertainment to some of you. Enjoy reading and be entertained....

During the Mexican-American war, two Mexican soldiers were pinned heavily under fire in a small foxhole close to the frontier. One of them, Pedro, was extremely worried about death. Pedro asked Jose (the other guy), "Amigo, what happens when I die?"

Jose answered, "Well, Two things may happen amigo...You may either go to the after-life or get reincarnated."

Jose: "If you go to the after-life, then that's good, you'll see all your loved ones who passed away...You'll see your mama there, Pedro."

Pedro: "But what if I get reincarnated?"

Jose: "Well then...two things may happen amigo. You could either be reincarnated as a man, or as a plant. If you get reincarnated as a man, then that's good, amigo, you could live a new life. Maybe, in your new life, there is no war."

Pedro: "But what if I get reincarnated as a plant?"

Jose: "Well then...two things may happen amigo. You could either be a corn-stalk, or you can become a tree. If you become a corn-stalk, then that's good amigo, you can feed the future of our great country Mexico."

Pedro: "But what if I become a tree?"

Jose: "Well then..."

Pedro: "I know, two things may happen...what is it?"

Jose: "You're right, two things may happen amigo. If you become a tree, you may either be used as lumber, or you may be used as paper. If you are used as lumber, then that's good amigo, you'll serve as the strong material for the houses in our beloved country, Mexico."

Pedro: "You sure are smart, Jose. But what if I become paper?"

Jose: "Well, still, two things may happen amigo..."

Pedro: " Two things may still happen? I'm paper and still two things may happen? Ai, caramba!"

Jose: "That is the dichotomy of life, Pedro. Yes, two things may happen. If you become paper, you may either be used as writing paper, or toilet paper. If you become writng paper, that's good amigo, you will serve as the learning material for the children of Mexico, so that they become good leaders, and wars like this could be avoided. Maybe, if you become writing paper, you'll be the piece of paper where the peace treaty is written..."

Pedro: "But what if I become toilet paper? Dios mio, Jose. My death would be in vain if I become toilet paper."

Jose: "If you become toilet paper, two things may happen, amigo. You may either be used by a man, or a woman. If you are used by a man, that's good. At the very least, you have helped to sanitize a Mexican."

Pedro: "But what if I get used by a woman?"

Jose: "You know it..."

Pedro: "Two things may happen?"

Jose: "Yes. You may either be used at the top, or you may be used at the bottom. If you get used at the top, the face, in the cheeks, in the lips, then that's good amigo."

Pedro: "But what if I get used in the bottom?"

Jose: "Well, amigo, two things may happen. You may either be used in the back or in the front. If you get used in the back, then that's good amigo. As a tissue paper, you have served your purpose."

Pedro: "...and if I get used in the front?"

Jose: "Santa Maria, Pedro, if you get used in the front by a woman, then amigo, your death will not be in vain!!!"

BANG! (Pedro gets shot)

From the blogsite of: Jorge M. Garcia


I do not own neither have the copyright on this story. All credit goes to the author alone. If in any case the sole author wish to remove this from my blog, please notify me thru email at and I will by all means removed this immediately.


  1. ... despwes mi amigo mar, what would you prefer? to die "serving your purpose"? or to die "not in vain"?

    (i want to heat you at the back of your head for this post mi amigo mar! ha ha ha)

    1. Ola Ms Balut! Mi Amiga, porque sere? Para bailar la bamba, que horror! Ano daw? hahaha

      I don't want to die in vain hahaha rather I want to live serving my purpose then I can die in peace!

  2. ang ganda ng story na to!!! sabi nga nila its better have a purpose in life but in the end you will know na magiging maganda ang resulta nito..
    btw sa intra ba ang pic na to o sa fort santiago?

    1. Sa Fort santiago... at sa fort santiago ko din nakita pangalan mo na nakaukit sa kawayan na may katabing pangalan na may nakaukit na puso sa pagitan! Ikaw na Master!

  3. very interesting story amigo! haha!

  4. me card ako na ganito takbo ng story, it's all about worrying naman, and I always remind myself with the text on the card so I won't worry too much. Ganda!! :)

  5. okay toh ah, he died for the sake of being a toilet paper that will be used in front? hahaha


    1. ok ba? bakit tila yata yong front lang tumatak sayo ahahaha

  6. Hahaha. Two things - informing and entertaining!


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