Thursday, June 28, 2012


Nagawa nyo na ba ang unang ehersisyo na pampaliit ng tyan? Ano ok ka ba tyan? Since alam ko na gusto nyong mapadali ang pag-liit ng inyong tummy, dalawang routine agad ang entry na to.

Ab Exercise: Hanging Knee Raise
Primary Muscle: Abdominals
Secondary Muscles: Core
Equipment Needed: Something to Hang From
Mechanics Type: Isolation

Proper Exercise Technique:
Hang from a chin-up bar. Rapidly kick knees up toward chin, rounding back slightly during movement. Hold and squeeze at the top. Don't swing body for momentum.

Hanging Knee Raise Ab Exercise - Start Position

Hanging Knee Raise Ab Exercise - Finish Position

Madali lang di ba? Palambi-lambitin ka lang ayos na. Make sure lang na matibay ang kakapitan nyo.

Next routine:


Ab Exercise: Twisting Abdominal Crunch
Primary Muscle: Obliques
Secondary Muscles: Abs
Equipment Needed: Floor Mat
Mechanics Type: Isolation

Proper Exercise Technique
Lie on back, legs bent and cross one leg over other so ankle is on other leg. Put hand opposite bent leg behind head. Without pulling head, bring elbow toward opposite knee. Switch sides after target reps.

Twisting Abdominal Crunch Exercise - Start Position

Twisting Abdominal Crunch Exercise - Finish Position

Para hindi mahirap lalo na sa mga una palang gagawin ang routine na ito... gumawa ng set na comfortable kayo and in between sets, rest a few minutes. Tapos increase the sets as you do it the next day.  As you become accustom with the routine the more you have to increase the sets  para mas effective. Oki Doki?

Hindi po ako expert... I'm doing this entry not only for you guyz but also for me and my health... as prescribed! Kaya samahan nyo ko hehe nandadamay lang!

TO A HEALTHIER US!!!!!! Cheers! 

7 routines to go!

Notice: All photos are not owned by Unplog. 


  1. sasali ako pag picture mo pinost mo. hehehe!

    1. antayin mo sa last post neto... picture ko nakalagay as promised ahaha

  2. iba pa rin ang model.
    can't wait for the last post (can't wait na makapang-okray) lolz!

    1. that's the best part! bwahaha... kaya abangan mo na lang! next year? hahaha

    2. hala, eh di next year pa ako sasali? hahaha. nakikicomment

    3. pwede ka namang sumali now kung gusto mo ahaha

    4. sasali nga ko pag picture mo na ang nakalagay. Hahaha. mapilit.

    5. Sinabi mo yan ha! hahaha... ayan na picture ko na nakalagay on the left side of this comment hahaha

    6. asan? wala naman eh. yung nag-e-exercise. hahaha.

    7. ayan! dalawang models na ang aabangan ko yey!

    8. lagot ka Sey... post ka na rin ng pic mo, aantayin ni Ms Balut yan hahaha

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  4. Pano namin malaman na ginagawa mo yang mga execution na yan if di ikaw ang model? Next post, ikaw na model ha hehehe peace idol.

    1. Wait lang Gracie... dadating tayo dyan hehehe

  5. may award ka from balut manila, may ka din galing sa akin 'dre. claim mo na bago mapanis. hehehhe

    1. Talaga? Dalawa na award ko! Ayos! Salamat 'dre.... sige i-claim ko yan hahaha

  6. wow nagpapamacho na talaga, naks nagmo2del! :))

  7. oist, isama mo sa regimen mo yun mga foods na mention sa link na send ko sa 'yo sa twitter, "10 foods for fabulous abs" plus "10 abdominal exercises" equals "six-pack abs"! haha...ang galing ng math ko: 10 + 10 = 6! awww, lagot ako sa mga former profs ko pag nalaman nila 'tong addition na 'to...hehe!

    1. Oo nga eh, mukhang effective na diet yon... panalo yong mathematical equation mo hahaha... seriously, di ko naman gusto yang 6 pack abs... magbawas lang ng waist line at bumababa timbang para sa HBP, yan ang target ko hehe

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