Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ABDOMINAL Exercise! 1 of 10

Wants to reduce your waistline? Tired of your beer belly that is protruding or bouncing? Follow this simple and easy steps to a flat and well toned stomach. No need to go to the gym, equipments can be improvised and you can try this at home by just following instructions. 

Warning!!! Consult your doctor before proceeding. 

                        Primary Muscle: Obliques
                        Secondary Muscles: Abdominals
                        Equipment Needed: Exercise Mat
                        Mechanics Type: Isolation

Proper Exercise Technique:

Lay flat on your back as if doing a crunch. Lift your legs up with the upper leg being parallel to the floor but not resting on it. Start the exercise just like a normal crunch whereby you lift your upper shoulders off the floor but in a twisting motion. Performa a "one shoulder at a time" crunch and in a bicycle fashion, bring the left knee and your right shoulder off the floor towards the centre of your body. Next repetition, switch your crunch so that your left shoulder and your right knee come closer together. 

Bicycle Abdominal Crunch Exercise:

Start Position

Finish Position
Remember to slowly but deliberately lift your shoulder off the floor and focus on the abdominal muscle doing the work. Don't aim to get your shoulder off the ground as much as possible but to feel the abdominal contraction. You should not focus on bringing the shoulder up with any other muscle group such as the neck and shoulder.

Up next! Exercise #2....


Love yourself... Love your life and have a lovelife.... Enjoy everyone!!!

Notice: All photos are not owned by Unplog. 


  1. Replies
    1. yes, sa 10 of 10 post, mare reveal ang model ng fitness first hahaha

  2. Pati ito may series na din? You the man!

    1. Yes Ms Gracie... para ma-motivate ako mag exercise ahaha... post ko yan para sa sarili ko hehe

  3. kala ko ikaw ang model ha ha

    so abangan namin ang six-pack abs mo sa susunod na post ha LOL!

    "Love your life and have a lovelife" - eh musta naman ang lovelife mo kapatid? ;) :P :)

    1. haha... six-pack abs? malabo yata yon ms balut... one big pack ab meron ako ...

      Lovelife? ok naman... haha showbiz!

    2. anong klaseng ok? chizmoza ko lang ne? lolz

      nagbalik ako para iparating na may award ka dito he he


    3. hahaha... basta ok, yon na yon hehe

      May award ako? really? Yahoooo!!!! My first ever award! Teka lang...what's the catch? hehe

  4. Replies
    1. wow... buti ka pa... tamad ako sa ganito eh... pero try ko din nga before sleeping haha... ibang exercise kasi ginagawa ko bago matulog...hehe

  5. nagulat ako sa pic akala ko ikaw hahaha...
    i do this bago matulog hahaha...

  6. parang ang hirap pero gagawin ko to kailangan ko ring paliitin ang tyan ko hehehe abangan ko tong series na to =D

  7. ito ang kailangan ko para sa aking tyan haha

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