Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This is a collection of words that can be useful to you or words that you may encounter along the way or in your blogging experience. Without further ado, URBAN Dictionary presents Unplog's words of the day!

1. qwerty nosedive

Falling asleep at the keyboard
I took a qwerty nosedive this morning after working through the night on that essay.

That raid took so long to finish, I kept qwerty nose-diving in the middle.
Unplog: Paano pag azerty keyboard mo? French uses azerty, so I assumed this is not applicable to our French friends or maybe we can use azerty nosedive!
2. skinny fat
This is when you look skinny but you have an untoned body. a.k.a. the stomach area
J: Yo that girl is hot!
Moe: Guy what are you talkin' bout, that girl is skinny fat!
Unplog: This is what I'm talking about! One big fat ab!
3. malemployed
When what you do for a living makes you want to kill yourself.
I re-edit text that has already been edited in India; I am so malemployed.
Unplog: Kung ganito rin lang, matagal na kong patay! hehe 
4. brown carded
When a person does not wash their hands after taking a dump they receive a brown card. Similar to a warning in sports. 
Brent got brown carded because he is a disgusting douche bag and didn't wash after laying an offering to the porcelain god.
Unplog: Brown talaga? ibig sabihin may sabit-sabit pa sa daliri at kuko?
abbrev. "Sick minds think alike." It is a variation of GMTA (Great Minds Think Alike).
Person One: I was just about to stab this fork into my rectum!

Person Two: Really? Me too! SMTA!
Unplog: Two sick people talking! Shut up!
6. rdc
abbreviation for 'really don't care'
when someone is boring you with useless information, or oversharing, simply reply 'rdc'
Unplog: rdc
7. lightweight reader
Someone who gets sleepy or passes out shortly after starting to read.
"Im so screwed for this test, I didn't study at all."
"Why not? We had all week!"
"Im a lightweight reader man, I never made it past section one."
Unplog: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
8. totes
(abbreviation) stands for totally.
Guy 1-Do you agree with me? 
Guy 2-totes.
Unplog: Ito ang sagot ng tinatamad...
9. pocket pool
To stick your hand in your pocket and scratch your balls.
"Hey, man, that girl's lookin' at you -- you better stop playin' pocket pool!"
Unplog: Hindi larong billiards to ha, Be careful and don't ask somebody to play pocket pool
10. credit card roulette
A game of chance to decide which person pays for a restaurant meal. Every party contributes a credit/debit card into a hat and the waiter/waitress removes one card at time. The last card removed pays the entire bill.
We played credit card roulette at breakfast and DJ's card was the last one picked. He had to pick up the 200 dollar tab and since he is unemployed the California taxpayers provided the meal.
Unplog: Ito ang game... aayain kong maglaro sina:
Be ready guys sa ating EB, hahaha, 
si Inong http://kumonoy.blogspot.com/ lang exempted kasi na feature ako sa blog nya, o ha! (lol)
11. valentines day
A Pointless and worthless day invented by Hersheys Confectionary Co and Joining forces with Teleflora Florists and Corbans Wine Makers just so they can profit out of Wine, Cholocates and Flowers, while single people suffer at the clutches of the hands of this evil and corrupt capitalist-orientated day that is not even a fucking holiday period.
Valentines Day should be banned and all those celebrating it shot.
Unplog: S.A.D (hanapin kwento ng mga ibon hehe)
12. fashionmista
The male version of the fashionista.
A man who loves fashion.
Yo' check out that fashionmista - he's working it big time!
Unplog: Sounds gay!
13. iFinger
It's the finger(s) you purposely keep clean when you eat something messy so you could operate your touchscreen smartphone/tablet/GPS without making the screen look like your plate.
These ribs are delicious and messy, but I have to keep my pinky clean cause its my iFinger.
Unplog: Ingat, baka ibang daliri magamit!
 Words... a powerful tool that everyone uses daily. At gamit natin madalas ito mga ka-bloggers. It can encourage but at the same time destructive. It can restore but it can destroy. Ganito ka-powerful ang ating salita, pananalita, verbal man, in print or published. Ang matalas na dila ay nakakasugat, higit pa sa patalim.  Mag-ingat sa pag-gamit nito. 

Be a responsible blogger... CIAO!


  1. That is interesting words you compiled. I agree with you, mas masakit ang salita and make it scars forever.I like the RDC at TOTES words.hehheh-did you know the LMAO and ditto words-its a slang you should include it.hehhehe.

  2. hahaha, sige sa next episode nito, isama natin hahaha

  3. whahaha... nice, kaso di ko naman ata magagamit yun too much complicated.. mas maganda yung version mo hahahah!

  4. Eh di yong version ko gamitin mo haha... Sige nga use in a sentence haha

  5. dami kong pwedeng paggamitan nito. hahaha

  6. ako na skinny fat. tsk anyway..ang cute nung totes magamit nga tsaka yung rdc =D

  7. @Kikomaxxx, sige lang bro, gamitin mo lang hahaha

    @superjaid, nagustuhan mo pala mga shortcuts hehehe sige, ipauso na ang totes at rdc haha

  8. ha! salamat sa iyong naiturong vocabs, hehehe


  9. #10: dati di pa ko sigurado, ngayon confirmed na... di ako makakasama hahah! ang swerte ko kaya sa ganyan, mahirap na haha.

  10. @TPW, uy jowk lang yong #10... sama ka na!

    1. Ay, seryosohin daw ba, haha, alam ko naman na jowk lang yun, ikaw pa! ;)

  11. katawa naman yung "totes" :) I can relate sa #7 lightweight reader, zzzzz!

  12. @T.R. salamat din... natakot si TPW sa #10 haha joke lang po yon

    @Gracie, madali ka palang antukin hehe, kasama ba yan sa 11 random things about you?

  13. @ TPW, joke lang din yon, kaw pa, alam ko naman na sasama ka sa min haha.. ayan ha!

  14. Parang ayaw ko ata nung credit card roulette haha

  15. @sir Christian, haha, never tried credit card roulette, pero mukhang masaya tong gawin... try mo sir with your friends haha


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