Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Morocco Casablanca: Sunset - Epic Failed Shot!

I admit this is not a good shot of a sunset. But I took the shot anyway. The day before I took this shot, I saw the sun going down on the horizon of Casablanca shoreline. It was an awesome sight to see. The golden sun, so big, suspended in the sky, emits a beautiful and warm glow that every photo enthusiast like me is dying to see. Unfortunately, I was in a car, on my way to the hotel. I promised myself not to missed that sight again and have my chance of taking the shot. As you can see, I failed. Our way back home that day was not along the beach of Casa, instead, taking another route further away from the sea. So when I saw the sunset far view from the road, i got my chance... at least! Now, I'm making another promise... "I shall return!" 


  1. Thanks Charles, mas maganda sana kung along the beach hehe...

  2. silhouette! Maganda pa rin ;)

    1. Thanks Pao Kun! ;) hilig mo sa silhouette, tree? hahaha


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