Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Dream! (A true stroy)

When I was a kid, I dreamed that I was climbing a not so steep hill with my father. He was a few steps in front of me. With my little hands, I tried so hard to grab everything that I can just to cope with the pace of my father. Bruises and blisters I didn't mind just to be able to get closer to him.  But every pace I made, the more my father seems to go farther and farther away... I keep calling him but he will just wave his hands to me in a gesture to climb towards him. Every time I'll fall and stumble, suddenly his almost there in front of me... within reach... but the moment I stand up and start climbing again... there he goes... drifting and drifting farther away from me... These scenario goes on and on in circles... like a short movie film, set to a constant replay...searching for an ending that's never going to happen...

I can't remember how it ends and how I manage to woke up. That time... I don't even care what's the meaning of that dream or try to understand it with my childlike mind. But I do vividly remember is what happens next the day after that dream.

It was a small group of people gathered in a nipa hut with a bottle of "Lambanog" at the center (Lambanog is a local wine in quezon province). It was a local tradition that after a hard days work, it has to be followed by a drinking session. It is a tradition that originated in the famous "Bayanihan Tradition" where people in a certain localities will help hand in hand who's in need. Our version is what we called "Turnohan". A group of workers will help the host do a certain task, mostly tendering the fields or clearing the land. Hosting is done in turn until everyone in the group becomes host. That day, my father was a host and at that moment... he was telling a story.

It was my dream! How come he knows what i dreamed last night? I didn't tell anyone about my dream. But my father tells the story of my dream in details... until it became clear to me that he was telling the story of his dream not mine.

My dream... his dream... we have the same dream that night. He was there in my dream... i was there in his... I don't know how that would be possible. The only thing I know, that moment was special... our bonding moment before he ventures to work abroad.


Itay, I miss you po...sana nakasama ka namin ng mas matagal....


  1. :(

    pero focus nalang tayo sa mutual dreaming.

    I had the same dream with my mom as well. <-napa-english din.

    Pero oo, nagkwento si mama ng panaginip nya. Tapos sabi ko pareho kami ng panaginip as in. Pero di ko na sinabing ganon din panaginip ko.

    Another one is sa may kaibigan ko. Pareho kami ng panaginip. Same place, same happenings, iba nga lang ang point of view. Syempre, sa panaginip nya, sya yung bida. haha

    1. Ang galing non di ba? I can't imagine na nangyayari pala talaga yon...


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